Mountain of Fire

The Mountain of Fire is a region about 10.000 km north of Gorhal. As the main feature of the place is the towering rock with molten rock down the sides, It is highly visible from a far.

Current inhabitants are Dwarves and Eosian mages


Mountain of Fire

It was previously a contested area, although no active military campaign was running as both sides are in a deadlock.

The dwarves hold the mountain itself and are heavily fortified.

The orcs are encamped below in a siege-like position.

That changed when the party woke up the sleeping Eosian mages, who activated the Mountain defenses and scattered the orcs (at least that’s what is assumed, since the party had left the area when defenses were activated).

Bordering the Mountain of Fire is the Dark Court forest, with which the Orc tribes trades raw orichalum for military supplies and luxury goods.

Notable races

  • Dwarves
  • Eosians
  • “Orcs”

Notable people

  • Lady Lashiel, Isini
  • King Manathan, dragon
  • Adrian, Eosian mage
  • The King of the Dwarves

Mountain of Fire

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