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Spontaneous magic
Choose a magic element. You no longer need to prepare spells from the selected element.
Prerequisites: The chosen element must not be banned. If the chosen element is for any reason permanently banned later on you must select another element.
Benefit: You can cast any spell of the chosen element without preparing it ahead of time
Special: This feat can be taken multiple times but never in the same element.
Magical ties
You can have more active ties than normal.
Benefit: Increase the number of active ties you can currently hold by 3
Normal: You can only hold 3 magic ties at any one time
Special: Magical ties can be taken multiple times
Arcane blood
Your healing and damaging spells are more effective
Benefit: Add your casting modifier to any damage or healing caused by spells. If the spell has multiple targets this effect only applies to one of the targets determined by the caster at the time of casting.
Elemental focus
Choose a magic element. Any spell cast from that element is more difficult to resist.
Benefit: Add +1 to the difficulty class for all saving throws against spells from the magic element you selected. If the spell is not instantaneous and does not allow a saving throw you may instead double the duration of that spell.
Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Its effect does not stack. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a new school of magic. You can never take elemental focus in a magic element opposed to an elemental focus that you already have and all spells from that element are banned.
Elemental mastery
Casting spells from multiple elements
Prerequisites: Elemental focus in two or more elements
Benefit: The dc increase gained from elemental focus stacks
Elemental ties
Hold any number of ties with a chosen element
Prerequisites: Elemental focus in your chosen element.
Benefit: Pick one element with which you have elemental focus. Spells from that element no longer take up ties.
Normal: Any none permanent spell with a duration higher than instantaneous take up a tie.
Heart of earth
Protective earth spells are more effective
Prerequisites: Elemental focus (Earth)
Benefit: Increase an existing armor or natural armor bonus from any earth spell with a duration greater than instantaneous by +1.
Improved heart of earth
Prerequisites: Elemental focus (earth), Heart of earth
Benefit: Instead of causing damage with a spell you may instead chose to have any damaging converted into temporary hit points for the duration of the encounter. This effect does not stack.
Heart of water
Your spell can heal wounds.
Prerequisites: Elemental focus (water)
Benefit: Instead of causing damage with a damaging spell you may instead cure all affected targets.
Improved heart of water
Prerequisites: Elemental focus (water), Heart of water
Benefit: A creature that has taken damage from a cold spell takes one additional dice of damage for every level of a spell at the beginning of its turn for that turn only. The damage from improved heart of water can be prevented with a successful heal against the DC of the spell. This effect can be applied more than once. If this feat is applied to an area of effect spell or a spell with multiple targets only one target is affected by improved heart of water chosen by the caster. Improved heart of water can only be applied to water spells which causes damage.
Heart of fire
Your fire spells burns with greater heat.
Benefit: Increase the damage dice by one but no higher than d12. If the damage dice would have been increased higher than d12 instead add +1 damage on each damage dice. Can only be applied to fire spells which causes damage.
Improved heart of fire
Your are able to channel more magic into fire spells
Prerequisites: Heart of fire
Benefit: For each level of a spell add one additional dice of damage. Can only be applied to fire spells which causes damage.
Heart of darkness
Benefit: When a spell you cast causes damage you may chose to take 1 point of damage for each dice of damage. Add twice the number of damage you have taken in this way to the damage of the spell. Wounds caused by spells infused in such a way become hard to heal and require a heal check and the use from a healers kit against the DC of the spell to begin healing naturally. If a healing spell is used the healer must succeed on a caster level check against the caster of heart of darkness. If the check fails the healing spell only cures 1/2 and heart of darkness remains. If the check is successful remove heart of darkness and the target is healed as normally.
Improved heart of darkness
Benefit: When you cast a damaging spell you are instantly healed for 2 points of damage for every dice of damage caused by the spell to you or 1 point of damage for every dice of the damage caused by the spell to one target touched. This effect only applies once regardless of the number of targets. If heart of darkness and improved heart of darkness is used you may heal the damage caused by heart of darkness using the hit points gained from improved heart of darkness.
Heart of light
Benefit: You may have any spell with a target affect one additional target. The duplicate does not benefit from feats of any kind.
Improved heart of light
Benefit: You may have any spell with a target affect one additional target. The duplicate benefits from any feats that applied to the original spell except heart of light and improved heart of light.



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