People by location

Player Characters

  • Ares Bluestar (Rasmus, wiki, Content Not Found: ares)
  • Sir Ulrich Thunderfist (Josias, wiki, Content Not Found: thunderfist)
  • Madea Isabella del Monte (Joakim, wiki, Content Not Found: isabella)
  • Naia Edasseril (Andreas, wiki, char)
  • Vincent Davor (Moses, wiki, Content Not Found: smugglerguy)

Locations / People


  • Nightingale (region)
    • Sir Theodor Nightingale
    • Brormand-in-command
    • That guy who got duelled to death
    • Brother of guy who got duelled to death
  • Goldleaf (region)
    • Richard Goldleaf
  • Greymist (region)
    • Charles Greymist
    • Ayr Daran

Gorhal / Torhal

The North

  • Mountain of Fire
    • Castle Ash
      • Manathan
    • Crystal Tower
      • Lashiel
    • Orc Tribes
      • Shadowbeasts
      • Fire Heart (foundry)
      • Burning Rune (Lashiel)
      • Mist Dragons (castle)
  • The Lost Forest
    • Dark Court
      • Lord of Twilight
      • Incantus, Lord of Shadow’s Light


For a list of people by race, see here

People by location

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