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Here you can find the most referenced pages you will need and a rough nodemap

Player Characters

  • Ares Bluestar (Rasmus, wiki, Content Not Found: ares)
  • Sir Ulrich Thunderfist (Josias, wiki, Content Not Found: thunderfist)
  • Madea Isabella del Monte (Joakim, wiki, Content Not Found: isabella)
  • Naia Edasseril (Andreas, wiki, char)
  • Vincent Davor (Moses, wiki, Content Not Found: smugglerguy)

For a list of current party-related goals, see here


For a list of people by race, see here
For a list of people by region, see here


For a list of races, see here


For a list of locations, see here


For a list of factions, see here


For a list of trade goods and prices, see here

Special materials

  • Oricalcum (metal)
  • Blighted oricalcum (metal)
  • Darkweave (cloth)
  • Spidersilk (cloth)
  • Lightweave (cloth)

For a full list of special materials, see here

Legends and rumors

For a list of legends and rumors, see here


For a list of changes to the magic system, see here

Main Page

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