Group Plans


  • Short-term plans
    • Learn to trade

      She wants to pick up some useful crafts for downtime and travelling alike. Considering Greymist had offered employ – if she was interested – it seemed like an obvious opportunity to take him up on his offer. If she could pick up some trading skills that way and prove herself useful to him, he might offer other opportunities too.

    • Learn the culture and languages of Sahel and Siam

      The next step in her own longterm goals involves a trip to Sahel. As she might have to contact people outside the trading houses, it would be in her favor to actually know the language and cultures of Sahel, as the trader’s tongue might be limited. It might also lead to better trading options while she’s there. While she’s learning languages, she might as well pick up Siam, in the unlikely case she can find a tutor for that.

    • Start building political influence

      The other partymembers will most likely focus their political influence around Mellowstream and its interests. As she’s not particularly vested in Mellowstream itself, it would probably be in everyones favor for her to focus on the more unlikely partners around Mellowstream. Since she’s on better terms with ex. Greymist than Sir Ulrich, she might be a better person for this task.

    • Gather moneys

      Plans (and luxury) requires gold, gold is time, and time is precious.

    • Temporarily Settle down

      In case the others want to stay put for some time, she’d need a place to stay – especially if she’s studying. As much as she loathes stay at the same place for extended periods, The misty climate around the Greymist city would probably suit her (water/air elements).

    • Look for possible elemental nodes

      There might be more to the mist than just normal climate things. If she’s staying in Greymist for some time, she might as well look into it and see if there are locations or materials around Greymist which would be suitable for rituals and the like. If she’s lucky, there might be a ritual connected to the mists around Greymist city

  • Mid-term plans
    • Rituals

      She needs to find rituals and learn how to use them properly. Unfortunately, she doesn’ t know any, and have no idea of where to look. Considering Nightshade didn’t teach her one to start with, she’s probably expected to go look for them herself. When she learns one, she’d also have to practice them for a while.

    • Sponsorship to Sahel

      Travelling to Sahel is expensive, and she’s hoping to find a sponsor for that trip. She’s hoping for Greymist to be that sponsor, but it’s too early to tell if that’s an option. In particular, she’s hoping he needs to send a messenger or envoy to Sahel at some point and that he’d be willing to pick her for the task.

    • Contact to Mellowstream

      To avoid being to distanced from the rest of the group, she will probably maintain a semi-romantic/platonic relationship to Quintin. This might be a hard sell, as even though she’s interested in him, and it seems to be requited, he’s lacking the magical skills and power for her to be truly interested. Due to that, she will probably require more effort and maintainance than he’s used to – or willing to spend.

  • Long-term plans
    • Seek out the World Dragons

      Having already met the Winterlord, she aims to find the rest of the World Dragons. She’s been given the rough locations of them. In particular, she wants to meet the World Dragon of shadows, which guards the world of the living from the shadows beyond. She has a feeling that the dragon is calling to her in her dreams, and that it might have need of her shadowstepping powers. Considering it’s more unique position and the theme of her talents, it’s also the World Dragon she wants to meet the most.

    • Waters of Eternity (human)

      The Incinerator told her of another path she might take, instead of traversing the Alfirion path. Considering it seems to have been long lost, it has intrigued her. This might also have to do with the curse on the Alfirion option, that she might tempted to lift even though she doesn’t want to at this moment. She hasn’t decided which option to pursue, but she’s intrigued and want to find out more. The next step in this path lies in Sahel, speaking to Sahel in person. The rest of the path seems to be associated with the palaces of the gods.

    • The Living Spell

      She was told about a “living spell” left unfinished by the gods. The rumors say that the purpose of the spell was supposed to be good in nature, considering it was designed by the good deities themselves. She wants to know more, and according to Incinerator, Sahel self is the proper one to ask. Even though she doesn’t know what the purpose is, she’s sure it will give her the respect needed – from dragons and humans alike – to bridge the gap between the races.

    • Draconic Blessings

      As part of her journey, she wants to gain the approval from the dragons she encounter. From each of them, she requests a symbolic blessing on her holy symbol. Unfortunately, she didn’t get a chance to ask Manathan in private and since her current symbol is Isini made, she was afraid he’d recognize the craftmanship. She’s not planning to do anything in particular with the blessings, as the purpose is symbolic. Long term, it might help her influence dragons, as they might sense the approval of others of their kind.

  • Endgame plans
    • End of humanity

      A lot of the casters she has met have been something other than human. Even though they’re praised with the ability to adapt, she feels limited by the boundaries of the form, and she aspire to be something more powerful and unique. Just exactly what that entails hasn’t been decided yet, Even though she could already go for something “more” through shadow magic, she’s not taking the easy way. She wants to find her own, true path.

    • Bridge the gap

      She wants to improve the relationship between dragons and humans. Even though plenty of people are aiming to do that in Katanga with good results, she knows the ideals aren’t welcome outside her native region. By working towards completing the Living Spell and going through the human version of the Waters of Eternity, she hopes people will be more accepting of her religion and dragons.

    • The Dragon Champion

      Ultimately, she would like to change by comsuming the blood of the World Dragons. She knows that they won’t grant their blood unless there’s a very good cause, and she wouldn’t ask for it, since she still doesn’t believe she would be worthy of that role. This might change over time, and in the end the need for a dragon champion might arise. By gathering blessings and serving the dragons, she hopes to be seen as a likely candidate, should the need arise.

Group Plans

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