Tag: Mellowstream


  • Sir Samuel

    Soldier and veteran in the Elyrian army. When he resigned his position, he moved to Mellowstream

    A lot of the soldiers in the 4th company of the Raven Guard are veterans from his old company.

    He died in a fight with the group after being

  • Sir Quinten Nightbloom

    He appears to be a capable fighter, having fought off several of Sir Samuels spies.

    He has ties to the underworld through Brian the Butcher.

    He has been on a few dates with Content Not

  • Sylvester

    Hes the leader of the guilds in Mellowstream and although hes not noble, he is quite influental. The nobles doesnt hold him in the same regard, and he feels the need to constantly remind them that controls a great deal of the gold

  • John Carpenter

    Some priestly guy with no magic, who tried to bully Sir Ulrich into accusing Nightshade of heresy and questioning Ayr Daran.

    He has seen the handprint on Ares chest and insisted on calling an inquisition to the town to investigate.