Tag: Magician


  • Neela

    After being found, it kept moving ever so slightly towards [[Naia]], who decided to keep a safe distance. Under the supervision of the Guardian of Sanctum, she communicated with Neela and eventually found a cat for Neela to possess. Not much is …

  • The Crone

    She seems to have the ability to sense future events for other people through a ritual fueled by the blood and/or spiritual energy of the person who wants to know more of the future.

  • Nightshade

    As a member of the [[Alfirin | Alfirins]], he is a being of overwhelming magical power. He has used that power twice to save the life or restore the health of [[:ares | Ares]] twice. He's known to carry a [[godslayer | godslayer]] sword. Although …

  • Lady Irina Blackthorn

    When the previous duke of Blackthorn was dying, Irina and [[:nightshade | Nightshade]] appeared with an offer of prolonging his life for a few years. The details of the agreement are unknown, but Irina was adopted by the duke and eventually inherited the …