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  • Incinerator of All Life

    Not much is known of this dragon, except for its unfathomable power. Raith has told the group that the Well of Eternity was cursed and corrupted by [[:anasharal| Anasharal]] Incinerator of All Life, as a way to weaken

  • Anasharal

    A dragon who supposedly cursed and corrupted the Well of Eternity with the assistance of [[Incinerator of All Life | Incinerator of All Life]] in an attempt to weaken (and eventually destroy) the [[Alfirin | Alfirins]]. It currently resides the county …

  • Dracoism (religion)

    Dracoism is the human worship of dragons and the belief that humans and dragons should coexist in the same society. It is primarily based in Katanga and the somewhat primal and relatively primitive culture of the region. *Tenets* *Hierarchy* …