Tall handsome, darkhaired man


Nightshade tall, handsome, darkhaired, Alfirin man.


As a member of the Alfirins, he is a being of overwhelming magical power.

He has used that power twice to save the life or restore the health of Content Not Found: ares twice.

He’s known to carry a godslayer sword.

Although Alfirins tend to follow their own whim and scheme on their own, Nightshade has formed some sort of alliance with Irina Blackthorne and follows her wishes.

The group is aware of at least 2 assassinations on Blackthorn nobles by his hand.

The group knows that he’s an outcast of the Alfirins, having killed his brother in a duel and taken the godslayer sword intended for his brother. Assassinations have been attempted by his family, but failed.

He’s currently on friendly terms with the group.


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