A mysterious girl trapped in a necklace


Neela seems to be a young magician trapped in a necklace. She was found in the “ruins” of Elantris in the remains of battle between some Orian resistance and an unknown enemy.

The necklace itself is valuable, and seems to radiate strong darkness magic – which is to be expected considering the soul transferring nature of the Necklace.

The mental image visualized when touching the amulet is that of a young, beautiful girl.


After being found, it kept moving ever so slightly towards Naia, who decided to keep a safe distance. Under the supervision of the Guardian of Sanctum, she communicated with Neela and eventually found a cat for Neela to possess.

Not much is currently known of her, but she claims to just have defended herself at the scene of the battle.

She claims to have been trapped for hundreds of years, although she can’t be certain as she only had a vague reference of time.

She mentioned a master or father figure supporting her apprenticeship, but didn’t name him.


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