Naia Ayani Edasseril


A young girl with long dark hair. Usually, the hair is hanging loosely, except when she’s adventuring or travelling, where it’s usually braided or set in a ponytail.

She prefers long, loosefitting dresses in light materials suitable for the tropical climate of Katanga. Colors depend on mood, but usually a blue dark as the starry nightsky is preferred.

After spending more than a year in the cold regions north of Lost Gorhal, the party discovered that her once soot-black hair was golden-yellow-orange with a metallic hue. With the weakened sun, her dark tan also faded and she’s now as light-skinned as most Elyrians

When asked about this “disguise”, she simply states that most Elyrians would frown upon her “distinct” appearance, so she’d rather hide it. She claims to use a simple black dye for the hair, while using a soot-based substance for masking the shininess.

When asked if her looks are normal and natural for the Katanga region, she avoids answering and changes the topic instead.


Travelling / daily life

Home in Katanga

Spidersilk dress
Darkweave dress


Full name
Naia Ayani Edasseril

Titles / Titulations
“Lady Ayani” (formal)
“Mau Ayani” (family/inherited, Katanga equivalent of “Lady”)
“Thakathi Ayani” (religious role: healing)
“Onyama Ayani” (lesser priesthood, female)

Native region
Although she’s native to the region of Katanga, her grandfather is originally from a region near the Shari – Elyria border.

Deity / Religion
The Flamelord of Katanga (Dracoism)

Stated goals

  • She claims to have been led to the Mellowstream region by strange dreams and omens. In time, she’s supposed to find something – or someone – although the exact purpose of this endeavour is unknown to her.
  • Since she doesn’t know where her dreams will lead her, she’s reluctant to pick up anything that requires long-term responsibility (husband, estate, titles, etc).
  • She wants to retrace her Elyrian heritage, although she’s not exactly certain where to look.

For a list of current party-related goals, see here

Personal interests

  • Drawing. She somewhat skilled at drawing, and likes to draw when she can do so privately. When she has the spare time for it, she loves to draw landscapes and cityscapes – especially at night if the stars are showing. From time to time, she also draws shapes and symbols on herself as a means of temporary decoration.
  • Dancing. As a child, she always loved the attention performers would get, but the family frowned upon most of them. Publicly, the family prefers to keep a low profile and blend in, which conflicts with musical or singing performances since they requires an audience and drawing attention. Instead, she took up dancing. Besides being a great way to stay in shape, it’s also treated more favorably in high society, and it fits well in with Katanga culture.
  • Magics. Anything magical in origin or workings has her interest.

Naia Ayani Edasseril

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