Lady Irina Blackthorn

A young girl ruling the region of Blackthorn


Irina Blackthorne

Irina is a beautiful, blondhaired girl currently ruling the region of Blackthorn.

She appears young and inexperienced, but as a practitioner of magic she hides her real age well.


When the previous duke of Blackthorn was dying, Irina and Nightshade appeared with an offer of prolonging his life for a few years. The details of the agreement are unknown, but Irina was adopted by the duke and eventually inherited the region of Blackthorn when the old – and aside from Irina, heirless – duke finally passed away.

She has since used her new position to improve the life and welfare of her subjects, especially the poor ones, while maintaining a strict grip on the more unruly nobles of the region.

Lady Irina Blackthorn

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